Nurture Your Neighbourhood Improvement Scheme

We invest in the communities that our residents are part of, to help create places where people want to live. This is because we believe that anything that creates a vibrant community benefits our residents

The Nurture your Neighbourhood Improvement Scheme is about making your area a better place to live. Since April 2015, Vale of Aylesbury Housing will allocate a sum of money each year to the Nurture your Neighbourhood Improvement Scheme which residents can apply for to make an environmental or community safety improvement in their neighbourhood.

If you've got an idea, check the NYN process, criteria and examples and fill out an NYN application form. You can also check out our NYN questions answered page.

patio with bench on and a brick wall

wooden play equipment on grass in front of some houses

  wood sleeper raised bed on grass with plant pot in front of a house

patio area with bench surrounded by plant pots and treesbench on grassed area with trees