Bigger, Better, Bolder and Beyond: April 2020 - March 2025

Stephen Stringer, the Chair of the Board, wearing a suit and tie Introduction from Stephen Stringer, Board Chair of Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

Welcome to our new and exciting plans for the next five years. Our purpose remains the same, to provide social housing to those in need and is as important now as it ever was. Our motivations from our last strategy Bigger, Better, Bolder haven’t diminished and continue to run through this new five year strategy and Beyond. We are committed to providing “homes for living, communities for life”. 

Bigger, Better, Bolder and Beyond outlines our key drivers over the next five years:

  • deliver more homes,

  • be a great landlord,

  • support our residents and local communities

  • and do more to protect the environment.

We’ve spent the last few years restructuring and reorganising the business in preparation for a new way of working. Yet nobody could have predicted that we, along with the rest of the world, would have to change the way we work so radically, as a result of the global pandemic. And whilst this may have delayed the launch of our new five year plan it hasn’t dampened our ambitions or abilities. What the pandemic has reinforced strongly is the importance of suitable good quality homes and how vital strong supportive local communities are, and we will continue to deliver both over the next five years.

We’ll provide more houses across all affordable housing tenures and more new homes for sale to generate funds to support our ambitious social housing goals.

We’ll introduce new ways to access our services, allowing residents to keep track of anything related to their tenancy or home.

We’ll encourage all our residents to get involved, be part of and help shape our services and community engagement, ensuring we continue to work together.

It is vital we do more to protect the environment and help reduce global warming. This is why we have a new environment strategy designed to help us step up and take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and overall impact on the world. One way our residents can benefit is from our programme to make homes as energy efficient as possible.

Being flexible and adaptable is necessary in today’s world, that way we ensure we’re able to meet future challenges; this has been demonstrated by the outbreak of COVID-19, something we can learn from. We will be vigilant and alert to changes in the economy and environment we work in to make sure we are efficient and effective in delivering our plans for residents.

But we can’t do this alone; we have a number of partners helping us to deliver seamless services. And we’ll continue to work alongside health and social care, education and training providers.

Whilst keeping a clear focus on great customer service, this aspiring five year plan represents a significant change to the way we work and provide services – we can’t wait to start this journey together.

Use the following link to browse our 5 key objectives