Moving in & out

Our Moving in standard outlines the standards that a new Vale of Aylesbury Housing resident can expect when entering into a new tenancy agreement for one of our properties.

It is the Trust's aim to provide all of our residents with a safe, well maintained property in which they can set up home. We want to provide homes that are safe, secure and clean.

We also provide new tenants with this handy advice pack [accessible pdf, 6MB] full of information about how to set up utilities and other essential payments, budgetting and how to access additional help when it is needed. 

Our Moving out standard has been agreed by customers and staff. It is a list of all the things we need you to do to help us get the property ready for the next tenant as quickly as possible.

Please take a look at these standards and if you have any queries, please contact the Trust's Lettings team on 01296 732600.

Please use the forms below to assign someone to your tenancy, or to let us know someone has passed away. Completed forms should be sent to our Lettings team via post or email

Assign a Tenancy form pdf 244KB

Death Notification form pdf 240KB