Types of repairs


  • Gas leak or loss of gas supply

  • Loss of supply of drinking water

  • Major leak (e.g. a leak that can not be reasonably contained and is causing significant damage)

  • Leak from gutters and downpipes (only if entering the building)

  • Loss of electrical supply

  • Loss of heating & hot water (only an emergency if the household has children under 5 years old, the elderly, registered as disabled, someone who has a carer regardless of age) (Between 1st October & 31st March for heating)

  • Blocked toilet (only if there is only one in property)

  • Unsafe or hazardous conditions such as flood, fire, dangerous structures that are at imminent risk of collapse such as chimneys, masonry walls (make safe only), loose/falling brickwork, roof tiles, guttering, damaged/missing manholes covers, missing barriers/doors/windows creating a risk of falling.

  • Security such as main entrance door not locking/closing, broken windows/doors but only when security of the home is at risk, locked in or out (possible recharge).

  • Blocked drains when no water from any part of the property will disperse.


  • Minor leak (a leak that can be reasonably contained and is not causing significant damage)

  • Leak from gutters and downpipes (Only if NOT entering the building)

  • Partial loss of electricity

  • Weeping radiators or pipes

  • Loss of heating & hot water (Only when NOT an Emergency as above)

  • Entry phone not working

  • Faulty communal aerials

  • Blocked toilet (if there is more than one in the property)

  • Blocked drains (when water is partially dispersing from property)

  • Major cracks

  • Toilet not flushing

  • Mould washes

  • Blocked guttering

  • General roofing works which aren’t causing obvious water ingress or risk of falling objects (tiles)


  • General joinery repairs

  • General wear & tear repairs such as broken/cracked wall tiles, loose fence posts, internal door repairs, kitchen unit/worktop repairs, minor flooring repairs, dripping taps

  • Shaver light not working

  • External lights not working

  • Individual sockets not working

  • Cracked windows

  • Squeaky floorboards

  • Insulation top ups