What does my Neighbourhood Manager do?

Neighbourhood Managers have responsibility for delivering services within specified geographical patches across the Vale, and each Neighbourhood Manager is responsible for approximately 1,500 properties.

Some of the things they are responsible for include:

  • Visiting all new Trust residents twice during the first year of their tenancy at 8 weeks and 8 months in. These visits allow us to ensure new tenants are managing their homes appropriately and we have discussions on issues ranging from rent arrears, repairs, general property condition to identifying or discussing support needs and providing advice on local services/amenities.
  • Undertaking Estate Walkabouts across the Vale per year, ensuring that our neighbourhoods are clean, green and safe. Regular attendees include local residents, county councillors, Thames valley police and our caretaking team.
  • Investigating and making decisions regarding the succession or assignment of tenancies
  • Assessing and making decision on requests for permission from residents who wish to make improvements or alterations to their homes.
  • Investigating and taking action against any residents who have breached their tenancy agreements – this includes thing like undertaking unauthorised improvements, failing to maintain their property, unkempt gardens and subletting.
  • Undertaking investigations into Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - this includes low level complaints such as general household noise and nuisance to more serious complaints such as domestic violence, hate crime or drug misuse. We have a range of tools introduced by the Crime & Policing Act that support us in tackling Anti Social Behaviour.

Pet Policies and Guidance

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