What does my Neighbourhood Manager do?

Neighbourhood Managers work with residents on their area "patch" of around 1,500 properties to solve problems, give permission for small improvements or pets, resolve anti social behaviour and ensure the neighbourhood is well-kept and free from problems like fly tipping. 

Some of the things they are responsible for include:

  • Visiting all new residents at around 8 weeks and 8 months in. This is to ensure all is going well with the resident's new home and tenancy. They are able to discuss any issues or support needs the resident may have.

  • Undertaking estate walkabouts, a visual check of the neighbourrhood to ensure it is well-kept. Regular attendees include local residents, county councillors, Thames valley police and our caretaking team.

  • Approving (or not!) the succession or assignment of a tenancy (when a tenancy moves from one person to another)

  • Assessing and approving (or not!) requests to make improvements or alterations to homes.

  • Investigating reports of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - low level complaints such as general household noise, to more serious complaints such as domestic violence, hate crime or drug misuse. We have a range of tools introduced by the Crime & Policing Act that support us in tackling Anti Social Behaviour.

While the vast majority of our residents enjoy their homes peacefully, sometimes we come across serious breaches of the tenancy, like unauthorised improvements, failing to maintain the property and illegal subletting. Our Neighbourhood Managers can take appropriate action, whether that is referring a vulnerable resident to additional help, or taking enforcement action. 


We appreciate that pets bring a lot of benefits to you. However, some of our properties do not allow pets of certain types, like dogs or cats in flats. You will need to seek permission from your Neighbourhood Manager before getting your pet. If you would like more information, please see our Pet policy