Thriving Communities Fund

Our community investment fund up to £250,000 per year aims to benefit communities and enrich the lives of people living in the Vale. The fund supports a wide variety of cultural, sporting and social activities, as well as supporting and equipping services for those most in need.

The Thriving Communities Fund aims to provide financial support for our residents and also voluntary and community organisations that operate within the Vale of Aylesbury or areas where our residents live. There are three types of grant available:

  • Springboard Grants of up to £300 to support our residents with opportunities for wellbeing, education, training or employment.

  • Micro Grants for community or voluntary groups of up to £3,000 for small projects such as the purchase of equipment or venue hire.

  • Project Grants for community or voluntary groups of up to £10,000 for larger initiatives such as the purchase of more substantial equipment or on-going running costs.

Project grants are assessed three times a year, while Springboard and Micro Grants will be assessed every two months.

Applications are welcomed from our residents and voluntary or community organisations – full details of eligibility as well as application forms can be found using the follwing links. 

Grants guidance

Grants criteria

Springboard grant application form

Community Micro grant application form

Community Project grant application form

If you need further advice please contact the Grants Officer.


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