Universal Credit

Process for claiming Universal Credit

Universal Credit is paid direct to the person claiming benefit and includes housing costs. Claims will be administered through the DWP at a central location rather than your local council or benefits agency.

Once an application for Universal Credit has been made, it takes up to 6 weeks to process a claim and you will not receive any money during this time period therefore it is essential you budget for this.

Universal Credit is normally paid monthly in arrears and you will be responsible for paying the housing element of your Universal Credit to us for your rent. The easiest way to do this is set up a Direct Debit or Standing order.

Universal credit is being rolled out throughout the country and replaces these 6 benefits:

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s allowance

  • Income-related employment support allowance

  • Income support

  • Working tax credits

  • Child tax credits

  • Housing benefit

In order to make a UC claim you will need:

  • Access to the internet

  • Your tenancy agreement

  • A rent statement showing your eligible rent

  • Your landlord’s name and address

  • Your postcode

  • National Insurance number

  • Details of anyone who lives with you

  • A bank account and your bank account details

  • Details of any savings

  • Your expected monthly salary (if working)

  • Details of any other income you receive

  • Your email address and landline or mobile

Need more information?

If you are concerned about the introduction of Universal Credit, you are unsure how to make an application or you need help to manage your money, our welfare advisors are trained to help. Additionally, find out more information on  how to apply by visiting the Government website.