Rechargeable repairs

We expect that normal wear and tear will occur to your home as time passes.

However, should your home need a repair because of either neglect or damage either by you or your friends and family, we will expect you to carry out any necessary repairs.

If a repair is needed because of your negligence or damage, we may give you notice to make good, and in some cases we may carry out the repair on your behalf and then charge you for the cost.

Adaptions carried out in the property (please make sure to ask for permission from the Trust before any adaptions/alterations are carried out) must be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson.

Examples of rechargeable repairs are:

  • Broken appointments

  • Gaining access due to lost or forgotten keys

  • Repairs required as a result of damage from yourself, household members or visitors

  • Damage caused by leaks from washing machines or your own appliances or fittings

  • Blocked drains, gullies, toilets, sinks, baths, showers, basins, washing machine and dishwasher waste (unless blockage caused by broken drain)

  • Reinstatement of alterations on termination of tenancy

  • Broken glazing (without a crime reference number)

For more information on whether a repair is your responsibility, please see our Recharge Policy