Increasing our supply of new homes

Our objective is to provide new homes for those in housing need, building the right homes in the right places.  We develop new homes for rent and shared ownership alongside a small number of market sale homes.

We’re growing our development programme year on year, delivering sustainable growth and making the best use of our resources.  This includes ensuring we provide new homes for social rent.

As investors in communities we understand the importance of building in sustainable locations and are committed to doing so. The Trust’s operating area will expand to support our growth but we will remain a local organisation for our residents and our commitment to excellent customer services within our operating area will not diminish.

The effect of energy use on the earth’s climate and rising household energy costs are recognised by the Trust and we will act responsibly to maximise the energy efficiency of our new homes.

Use the menu to find out more about some of our new developments, view where they all are on the Google map and see more photos of our developments in progress by visiting our Instagram page. You can also find out more by reading our Development ambition brochure below, or click the following link to view an accessible PDF version: Development Ambition brochure (pdf 5MB).

The map on this page gives an overview of where we have developed properties, and some details about each. It is not intended for navigational purposes. However if you have any accessibility issues with reading the map, please contact us and we can provide the information to you in an accessible format.