Grounds Maintenance

How do you maintain trees on Trust owned communal land?

All of our trees on communal land are surveyed on a regular basis. Each tree is tagged with a small silver disk with a four digit identification number that links to survey data advising any essential works required.

We will be instructing these works in order of risk and priority. We have to be mindful of Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s).

Do you maintain trees in my garden?

We only carry out works to trees on our Communal land. Tenants are responsible for any trees in their garden, including their removal if required.

If tenants do not maintain a tree properly, we may decide to remove it and recharge the tenant for the cost. For more information please refer to your tenancy agreement.

Do you prune trees when they are an inconvenience?

The law does not concern itself with small inconveniences. There is no ‘right to sunlight’ as such.

Inconveniences people find annoying:

  • Shade
  • Sticky ‘honey-dew’ on cars / furniture.
  • Loss of views / screening / shelter.
  • Leaf / fruit / seed fall and small debris
  • Pollen allergies.
  • Bird droppings.
  • Harmless insects or those with low risk or only seasonal impacts.
  • Overhanging branches.
  • TV/radio signal interference.
  • Apprehensions you feel due to tree height or swaying in the wind.
  • Children playing noisily in trees.

When do you cut communal hedging?

We cut our hedges twice each year.

We do not cut hedges between beginning of March and the end of July, due to nesting birds. In special circumstances we will carry out works during this time but only after thoroughly checking for nests.

How often do you cut communal grass areas?

Grass in our communal areas is cut approximately every 10 working days during the growing season (March-October) 16 times each year. This may change slightly dependant on weather conditions.

You can check when our contractors - idverde - are next in your area by clicking here.

Why do you not take away all the clippings?

Grass is cut on all communal Trust areas and is a 'cut and drop' service, where grass clippings are left on the surface.

At Independent Living sites we provide a 'cut and collect' service where grass clippings are collected by the mower and taken away.

Do you collect fallen leaves?

We only collect leaves at Independent Living sites two times a year.

Can you help me with my garden?

We offer a ‘paid for’ Gardening Service for residents who are unable to maintain their gardens themselves. To join you must be clear of rent arrears.

For more information about the 'paid for' Gardening Service, click here.

Do you provide a one off garden clearance?

Only in exceptional circumstances will we ask our contractor to provide a quotation to clear an overgrown garden.

Do you maintain all alley ways?

If an alley way is the Trust’s responsibility we will arrange to have it cleared of overgrowth/weeds. If the alley way is not ours we will refer it to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) or Bucks County Council (BCC).

What is your process for dealing with Japanese Knotweed?

Do not touch, move or attempt to treat it!

We will instruct an inspection of all reports of Japanese Knotweed immediately whether on our communal land or in a tenants gardens. If confirmed as Japanese Knotweed we’ll start treatment immediately.

Do you provide a gritting/salting service?

This service is only provided to Independent Living sites. This is triggered when temperature forecast to minus 2 degrees and below.

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