How much do they cost?

Weekly charges for renting a garage

  • Non- refurbished garage are £9.59 per week
  • Refurbished garages start at £18.00 per week

You do not have to be a Trust resident to rent a garage, however non- residents are charged VAT.

Refurbished garages have had new doors, new roofs and new guttering fitted.

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made to the Trust via Direct Debit, Standing Order or allpay. Please see Ways to pay for further information.

All payment must be received by the Trust on or around the 1st or 15th of each month. Although charged on a weekly basis, payment will be taken monthly. Please talk to us for weekly payment options.

Missing a payment

If you are having difficulty meeting your payments, please contact us and we can help.

If we haven’t received payment from you within 14 days and have not heard from you, your garage contract with the Trust will be ended and you will be asked to vacate the garage space.

If we have to clear the garage, you may be charged and your goods disposed of.

You will also not be eligible to rent another garage with the Trust.

Do I need to pay anything in advance?

Four weeks licence fee must be paid up front by credit or debit card on collection of your keys.

If you do not have a credit card we do accept cheques. We would have to wait for the cheque to clear before we are able to provide you with your keys.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments.