Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering at the Trust means you can influence decisions that affect you, your home and local community; as well as helping to improve the services you and your neighbours receive.

Along the way you will gain valuable experience, meet new people and be given the chance to do something new.  

We've created lots of different ways for you to volunteer that can be tailored to your circumstances.

Here are some of the ways you can volunteer your time and make an impact with our panels and groups. Click the links to find out more.

  • Residents Forum - Made up of residents from across the Vale, representing the views and opinions of our wider resident base, as well as influencing how the Trust operates. Meeting once a month from 5pm – 7pm discussing issues affecting residents of the Trust.
  • Resident Inspectors including Young Residents - Responsible for inspecting areas of the Trust to ensure that the service being delivered meets our standards.  Inspections can include things such as our website, garage sites or communal green spaces.
  • Disability Equality Action Group - A panel of disabled residents and staff who review current practices, giving an informed view of the services they receive and pass this information back to their community.
  • Block Champions If you live in one of our flatted blocks, your community caretaker carries out inspections. However we need residents to be our eyes and ears to ensure that the service being received meets our high standards. You can volunteer from the comfort of your home; all we ask is that every 3 months you feed back to us on grounds Maintenance, cleaning and caretaking Services. You are not required to attend any meetings.
  • Repairs Group - Meeting quarterly to review and feedback on the repairs service provided by the Trust. Reviewing key performance information to ensure the Trust is meeting its service standards.
  • Nurture your Neighbourhood Panel - Residents can apply to make an environmental or community safety improvement where they live, helping to create a vibrant community benefitting our residents. The panel meets quarterly to review applications, carry out site visits and approve or reject applications.
  • Task and Finish Scrutiny Group - Provide solid feedback on services and areas of operation at the Trust. Focusing on a specific service or subject the group will conduct a review and feedback their findings and recommendations for implementation. To view historical reports, click here.
  • GEM panel - Residents form part of the panel who decide on our employee recognition awards
  • Design Development Group - Giving residents access to view potential new developments and comment on things such as location, elements of the proposed design and the impact to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Meetings are held on an adhoc basis.