The 2017-18 Mix96 Community Challenge - Puzzle Re-School

Cutting the ribbon to the new pergola

Last year’s winner, the Puzzle Centre in Middle Claydon, wanted us to carry out repairs and cleaning to their garden. Puzzle provides best practice early-years intervention for young children with communication and autism spectrum disorders. The garden is an important part of their activities, allowing children to practise motor skills and communication, or just get some space to reduce anxieties.

As well as repairing fencing and soft play flooring, building a shelter and carrying out essential gardening works, along with our contractors, we were able to donate some new toys for the children to enjoy. We even left them with a donation in case there was anything we had forgotten.

We officially opened the event with a garden party in May 2018 – there was cake, bubbles (blown, not in a glass!) and lots of laughter!

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