Thriving Communities Fund: Coronavirus support grant

What is a Thriving Communities Fund Coronavirus Support Grant?

As part of our Corporate Strategy the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust launched the ‘Thriving Communities Fund (TCF)’. The TCF has provided financial support for not only residents of VAHT but also voluntary and community organisations operating within Aylesbury Vale. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust is working hard to provide support for not only our residents but also the wider community within the Aylesbury Vale. As such, the Trust is opening the Thriving Communities Fund to community groups and voluntary organisations operating within Aylesbury Vale to claim ‘Coronavirus Support Grants’ to help alleviate the impact of the pandemic within the local area. This document sets out the eligibility criteria and application process for the award of Coronavirus Support Grant funding from within the TCF.

The singular funding stream available from the COVID-19 Thriving Communities Fund is:

Funding Name: Coronavirus Support Grant

Amount: Up to £4,000

Description: The aim of our Coronavirus Support Grant is to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 for voluntary and community based organisations based within the Aylesbury Vale area. These organisations do not have to be affiliated with the Trust, they simply have to operate in the local area and require assistance during the pandemic. Applications can be submitted at any time during the pandemic and will be assessed every Wednesday. Funding will be available until the end of the pandemic or until all of the available budget is allocated, whichever occurs first.

Funding restrictions

Organisations are eligible for one Coronavirus Support Grant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Application forms

Application Forms can be requested by emailing Applications must be typed and emailed to the Grants Officer inbox at

Who can apply for a Community Grant?

Any voluntary or community organisation may apply provided that it:

  • Provides local community activities or services within Aylesbury Vale

  • Can evidence an impact on service/sustainability directly resultant of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Is a not-for-profit group/organisation .

  • Has a UK bank account.

  • Operates with no restrictions on membership and its activities are open to all.

What we will fund?

Applicants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a direct impact on the quality of service or their ability to provide a community service resultant of the COVID-19 pandemic;


  • Demonstrate the requirement for funding to undertake an organised community activity that will benefit the Vale and its residents during this pandemic.

What we will not fund:

  • Projects/and or groups that have not been impacted by COVID-19.
  • Projects/and or groups that are unable to evidence their requirement for funding in order to carry out an activity that is wholly beneficial to the residents of the Aylesbury Vale area during this pandemic.

  • Requests for equipment/tools/items required for personal use with no wider community benefit..

  • Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief.

  • Projects outside the boundaries of Aylesbury Vale.

  • Organisations which aim to distribute a profit.

  • Projects which are already completed - funding cannot be granted retrospectively

  • Incomplete applications

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, and applications may be considered ineligible or be declined at the absolute discretion of the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust. The decision of the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust in respect of each application shall be treated as final.

How to apply

Request an application form by emailing Applications can be made by emailing a copy of the completed form and supporting documents to Please contact the Grants Officer if you need help in completing the form. When applying, please don’t assume that the funding will be available until formally notified by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.

How will the application be assessed?

Applications will be assessed weekly by the Grants Officer using a scoring system. The Grants Officer will make funding recommendations which are then sent for ratification by the Chief Executive of the Trust. The Grants Officer will consider the following:

  • The need for financial support during this pandemic: Please explain and, where possible, evidence if there has been a financial detrimental impact on your group directly resultant of the pandemic.

  • Evidence of self-help. The Grants Officer will take into consideration whether your group has received government funding during the pandemic and whether additional funding from the Community Grant is required.

  • Viability and safety of a new project proposal. If you are proposing to undertake a new project to assist the wider community within Aylesbury Vale during the pandemic the Grants Officer will consider whether the project safely aligns with current Government Guidelines and what level of positive impact it is felt the project will have during this time of crisis.

What happens next?

Once a decision is made, the following will occur:

  • Award – the Grants Officer will email to let you know whether or not yourapplication for funding has been successful.

  • Agreement - if your application is successful, the Grants Officer will send you a form for you to complete stating the conditions on which the grant is offered. Please read this carefully, completing any necessary sections. As this is a legal document your signature is required and can be accepted in the form of a photograph of the signatory page.

  • Payment - Your grant needs to be claimed within 5 working days of award. Grants are paid by bank transfer.

  • Purpose - the purpose for which a grant has been awarded cannot be changed without prior approval from the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust. Contact should be made via the Grants Officer in the first instance for further information.

Grants Officer details

Grants Officer, Thriving Communities Fund
Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
Fairfax House
69 Buckingham Street
HP20 2NJ
01296 732600