Publications & leaflets

On these pages you will be able to find all Trust leaflets and corporate publications including the quarterly editions of Residents News, our annual Tenant Standards Report, Value for Money document and our Annual Report and Accounts.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us on 01296 732600.

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Should you require any of the below publications in a different format, such as large print, please email comms& or call 01296 732600 and ask for the Communications team.


Complaints and Compensation

Complaints Performance and Learning 2017-18 pdf 284KB

Complaints Leaflet [pdf] 3MB

Complaints Procedure [pdf] 313KB

Complaints Policy [pdf] 105KB

What to do if you have exhausted the internal complaints process [pdf] 445KB

Compensation Claim Form [pdf] 227KB


Corporate Publications

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 [pdf] 5MB

Tenant Standards Report 2017-18

TSR 2017-18 infographic

Tenant Standards Report 2016-17

Tenant Standards Report 2015-16 [pdf] 700KB

Tenant Standards Report 2014-15 [pdf] 223KB


Financial Publications

Report & Financial Statement 31 March 2018 [pdf] 2MB

Report & Financial Statement 31 Mar 2017 [docx] 260KB

Report & Financial Statement 31 March 2016 [pdf] 431KB

Report & Financial Statements 31 Mar 2015 [pdf] 814KB


Value for Money (VFM) Report

VfM Report 2017-2018.pdf 3MB

VfM Report 2016-17 pdf 5MB

VfM Report 2015 16.pdf 4MB

VfM Report 2014-15 pdf 6MB


Repairs and Tenant Handbooks

Repairs Handbook 2015 [pdf] 4MB

Quick Repairs Handbook [pdf] 1MB

Tenant Handbook 2019 pdf 2MB


Residents News

Residents News - Issue 44 Winter pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 43 Summer pdf 3MB

Residents News - Issue 42 Spring pdf 6MB

Residents News - Issue 41 Winter pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 40 Summer pdf 4MB 

Residents News - Issue 39 pdf 7MB

Residents News - Issue 38 pdf 3MB

Residents News - Issue 37 pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 36 pdf 10MB

Residents News - Issue 35 pdf 3MB

Development Expenditure

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q1 [pdf] 185KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q2 [pdf] 189KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q3 [pdf] 190KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q4 [pdf] 187KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q1 [pdf] 185KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q2 [pdf] 189KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q3 [pdf] 185KB