Customer Service Commitments

Q1 Customer Service Commitments 18-19.pdf 30KB

Q4 Customer Commitments 17-18.pdf 27KB

Q3 Customer Commitments 17-18.pdf 25KB

Q2 Customer Commitments 17-18.pdf 10KB

Q1 Customer Commitments 17-18 pdf 19KB

Customer Service Commitments 2017 pdf 4MB

Q1 Customer Commitments 16-17 pdf 24KB

Q2 Customer Commitments 16-17 pdf 25KB

Q3 Customer Commitments 16-17 pdf 82KB  

Q4 Customer Commitments 16-17 pdf 23KB



Complaints and Compensation

Complaints Performance and Learning 2017-18 pdf 284KB

Complaints Leaflet [pdf] 3MB

Complaints Procedure [pdf] 313KB

Complaints Policy [pdf] 105KB

What to do if you have exhausted the internal complaints process [pdf] 445KB

Compensation Claim Form [pdf] 227KB


Corporate Publications

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 [pdf] 5MB

Tenant Standards Report 2016-17

Tenant Standards Report 2015-16 [pdf] 700KB

Tenant Standards Report 2014-15 [pdf] 223KB

Financial Publications

Report & Financial Statement 31 March 2018 [pdf] 2MB

Report & Financial Statement 31 Mar 2017 [docx] 260KB

Report & Financial Statement 31 March 2016 [pdf] 431KB

Report & Financial Statements 31 Mar 2015 [pdf] 814KB


Value for Money (VFM) Report

VfM Report 2017-2018.pdf 3MB

VfM Report 2016-17 [pdf] 5MB

VfM Report 2015 16.pdf[pdf] 4MB

VfM Report 2014-15 [pdf] 6MB




Repairs Handbook

Repairs Handbook 2015 [pdf] 4MB

Quick Repairs Handbook [pdf] 1MB


Residents News

Residents News - Issue 44 Winter pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 43 Summer pdf 3MB

Residents News - Issue 42 Spring pdf 6MB

Residents News - Issue 41 Winter pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 40 Summer pdf 4MB 

Residents News - Issue 39 pdf 7MB

Residents News - Issue 38 pdf 3MB

Residents News - Issue 37 pdf 5MB

Residents News - Issue 36 pdf 10MB

Residents News - Issue 35 pdf 3MB

Development Expenditure

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q1 [pdf] 185KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q2 [pdf] 189KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q3 [pdf] 190KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2016-17 Q4 [pdf] 187KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q1 [pdf] 185KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q2 [pdf] 189KB

Development Expenditure over £500 2017-18 Q3 [pdf] 185KB