Our vision, values & strategic objectives

Our vision

'Homes for living, communities for life'

Our vision doesn’t describe what we do - it’s what we aspire to be and aim to achieve through our work as a social landlord.

Our values

In order to uphold our vision, our values direct the way we expect people to approach everything we do at Vale of Aylesbury Housing.  This means that we will strive to be:

Customer Focussed Value icon               Expert in all we do Value icon               Open minded and innovative Value icon

Customer-focussed          Expert in all we do       Open minded and innovative

Our strategic objectives

We have recently launched our new three year strategy, from this our four strategic objectives have been agreed along with a set of goals and measurable success factors for each. Our strategic objectives are:

  1. To run an effective and efficient business with long term viability

  2. To Provide flexible and accessible service based on our social purpose

  3. To invest in our communities and assets

  4. To increase our supply of housing to people in need

Corporate strategy

Together our vision, values and strategic objectives make up our Corporate Strategy. A link to this document can be found below:

Corporate Strategy 2017-20 [pdf] 2MB

This is what will shape and guide our work over the next three years.