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Fly-tipping at Prebendal Farm

Our full response to recent reports of fly-tipping on Prebendal Farm. To report fly-tipping, please phone us on 01296 732600, email us or send a direct message via Facebook.

Fly-tipping is an anti-social activity with costly consequences. The Trust spends over £100,000 every year to clear fly-tip dumped on our land. Money that we could well use to help provide new housing for the many people on the waiting list Clearly addressing the issue is an important one to us as it is to many residents.

We currently clear fly-tipping weekly, acting on all reports from residents and problems identified during our estate walkabouts. We can confirm that following the recent Prebendal Farm walkabout with Cllr Smith, the few incidents of fly-tip identified on Trust-owned land will be cleared this week.

Areas like Prebendal Farm are extremely complex, as we don’t own every pathway, alley or car park, and many of the houses on the estate are privately owned. We cannot comment on the clearance or otherwise of fly-tipping on areas that AVDC or the County Council is responsible for.

However, this issue is regularly reoccurring, and the simple fact is that no matter who is responsible for the land as soon as fly-tipping is cleared inevitably someone dumps more. We welcome cost effective suggestions from residents and local councillors on how we can prevent people fly tipping on these areas in Prebendal Farm, and more how the cost of clearing the rubbish can be more fairly recharged.


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