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Fire Safety when cooking

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Here at the Trust, we have recently experienced a higher number of fire alarm activations than usual, leading to Fire Service call outs. Many of these have been linked to cooking incidents and none have been fire related.

In order to minimise the likelihood of unwanted alarm activations please observe the following advice;

  • Automatic fire alarms will often activate when food is overcooked or is smoking whilst being cooked, for example when frying or grilling. Never leave pans or grills unattended when cooking.

  • Don’t cook if you are tired or have been drinking alcohol.

  • Open windows when cooking to allow for ventilation and remove the likelihood of an accidental alarm activation.

  • Check that cookers, grills and hotplates etc are turned off after cooking.

  • Don’t use cooking equipment, for example toasters, directly under detector heads.

  • Make sure you understand your building’s fire safety arrangements including what to do in the event of alarm activation.

By following this basic guidance it will help to ensure fire safety when cooking and will reduce the likelihood of the Fire Service attending false alarms.  This will allow them to be available to attend more serious incidents more quickly.


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