Modern Slavery

The Trust is committed to ensuring we comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and to taking appropriate steps to make sure that slavery does not exist in our business, supply chains, or homes. We regularly raise awareness of modern slavery issues to all of our employees using our intranet.

Each year, our Modern Slavery statement is checked by our solicitors to ensure best practice and a link is displayed on the homepage of our website. Click the following links to view 2021's statementview 2020's statementview 2019's statement, view 2018's statement or view 2017's statement.

Our next statement will be published by the end of September 2022.

In our business

We ensure all our employees are paid the living wage and regularly review our terms of employment to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation. We operate a number of policies that support preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operations including:

  • Whistleblowing

  • Employee Code of Conduct

  • Recruitment / Agency Workers

  • Safeguarding

In our supply chains

When our goods or services are sourced from suppliers, we work closely with them to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not exist in their business or supply chain.  

We require all suppliers to declare that they are not involved in Modern Slavery before contracts are signed, and we commissioned our solicitors to produce a Modern Slavery questionnaire to be completed by all our major suppliers. The questionnaire is sent out yearly to capture changes in the organisation’s own supply chains, and we’re working to increase the list of suppliers it is sent to.

In our homes

As a housing association, we take steps to ensure that Modern Slavery (and any other kind of exploitation) does not exist in our homes. These steps include eLearning for all employees and we are also currently developing some eLearning around County Drug Lines.

We work with the Buckinghamshire Willow Project, who are specialists in cases of Modern Slavery and take referrals of any suspected cases. They’ve delivered training to some of our customer-facing employees to equip them with the skills to spot signs of exploitation. We’re also members of the Bucks anti-slavery and exploitation network and attend quarterly meetings with local partners including Thames Valley Police and Trading Standards.