Complaints and compliments

How can I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint using the online Complaints Form or by printing our Complaints Leaflet [pdf] 3MB and sending it to us.

What happens when I make a complaint?

You will be contacted to let you know of next steps, please see our Complaints and compliments Policy and  Complaints Procedure pdf 269KB for further information. If you remain unhappy with our Complaints procedure you can request that your complaint be considered by a “Designated Person”. If you wish to do this, please see our Designated Person Guidance page.

What if I want to claim compensation?

Please see our Compensation Policy pdf 110KB , Compensation Procedure pdf 141KB,   Compensation Claim Form.pdf 227KB and Compensation Refund Form pdf 133KB

How can I make a compliment?

You can forward compliments to us via the following email address

What happens when I make a compliment?

We will write back to thank you and let you know how we will use the information you have given to us.

Please see the link below for our Complaints Performance and Learning:

Complaints Performance and Learning 2017-18 pdf 284KB