NYN process, criteria & examples


Before completing the application form please speak to one of our employees, either from the Community Engagement or Estate Services Team, to initially discuss your application. You can do this by calling 01296 732600 or by emailing hello@vaht.co.uk

Please make sure your idea meets the criteria on this page before you submit your application form. Failure to do so will result in your application being automatically rejected.

Once submitted, your application will be passed to the Nurture your Neighbourhood Resident Panel for a review and decision at the next quarterly meeting.

If your idea is approved you will not receive a grant to carry out the improvement yourself. The works will be carried out by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing or its contractors.


For your application to be considered it must be:

  • from a Vale of Aylesbury Housing tenant or leaseholder

  • for an environmental or community safety improvement

  • of benefit to your community or neighbourhood

  • supported by two different residents, from two separate households.

Your application will be automatically rejected if:

  • it is submitted by a Vale of Aylesbury Housing employee, on behalf of a resident

  • it is for the benefit of one person

  • it will have a detrimental effect on the community or neighbourhood and no suitable alternatives can be offered

  • it exceeds £10,000

  • the land where the improvement will be is not owned by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing (unless permission has been gained from the relevant authority / organisation)

  • you submit more than one application in the same financial year

  • the improvement is for works that are the responsibility of the Trust

Please be aware that you will not be given the money, as the Trust will estimate the price of work and materials in accordance with your application.


Examples of what you can apply for are:

  • Improved landscaping in communal areas (not private gardens)
  • Improved parking provisions such as increase spaces or white lining

  • Improved lighting in communal areas

  • Improved provisions in communal gardens such as benches

  • Fencing in communal areas

  • Gates for communal areas

  • CCTV

Examples of what you can not apply for are:

  • Additional waste disposal bins

  • Communal entrance systems

Your application may differ slightly to the examples on this page. However, if you are unsure of whether your application is eligible please contact Community Engagement in the Comms & Communities Team  or Estate Services Team on 01296 732600 or hello@vaht.co.uk