Great Gardens Competition

Great Gardens 2019 launches on 1 April. 

Great Gardens bloom despite challenging growing conditions

The dry, humid weather earlier this year may not have been ideal growing conditions, but that hasn’t stopped our residents from having blooming great gardens!

We had a fantastic response to our Great Gardens competition, and once again our judging panel had a really difficult task to select the winners.

The overall award, Best Gardener, was selected from the category winners.

Mr Bernard Odonnell receives his award for best gardener

Best Edible Garden and Best Gardener – Bernard O’Donnell

Mr O’Donnell grows all kinds of produce, some of which he takes to local market. The judges commented on his amazing use of space. He has also transformed his front garden, and fitted a patio despite being in his 80s. Weather permitting, he spends every day working on his garden, and his passion earned him the overall Best Gardner prize, as well as success in the Edible Garden category.

Mr Guy Tillier won the prize for best garden

Best Garden – Guy Tillier

This colourful garden stands out in the neighbourhood, perhaps not surprisingly, as Mr Tillier has worked tirelessly on it for several years. He credits gardening with having a huge impact on his welfare and well-being.

Gardeners from Brooks Court collected the prize for best communal garden

Best Communal Garden – Brooks Court, Buckingham

This is the second year running Brooks Court has won this award, but the garden continues to improve. Highlights include an attractive rose garden and a memorial garden to a resident who passed away. The gardeners also grow vegetables that are used for community dinners.

Alfie and Billie Smith won the prizes for Young Gardener and Tallest Sunflower

Best Young Gardener and Tallest Sunflower

These guys are enthusiastic gardeners, who grow a variety of fruit and vegetables, which they love to pick and eat. They clearly care about their garden, and maintain it themselves with only a little help from their Dad, Martin. Their growing skills also saw them win the Tallest Sunflower category.