Gas servicing during COVID-19

Gas safety inspections save lives! As a responsible landlord we are obliged to take all reasonable steps to carry out annual gas safety checks. Not doing so could put lives at risk of serious illness or fatalities (gas explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning), this is even more important as everyone is spending more time at home.

If you are clinically vulnerable, but have not been asked to shield, then let us know. In these situations, gas safety inspections must still take place but we will work with you to ensure that this can be completed safely. Before undertaking the check, arrangements will be made to avoid face-to-face contact, to ensure social distancing guidance is followed and appropriate steps will be taken to maintain good hand hygiene for example, when answering the door.

If you are self-isolating or shielding, please let us know. The gas safety check will be delayed until after your isolation period. If you are shielding, an inspection or repair will only be carried out if there is a gas safety risk. We will be able to determine whether an inspection is required although further guidance is available at In such circumstances, prior arrangements will be made to avoid face to face contact and the engineer will follow the latest guidance on working safely in people’s homes.

In all cases where we enter a resident’s home, our staff will wear face masks and gloves.

Our gas safety team will follow our normal process of writing to you three times to gain access; if it is not provided and you have not been advised to self-isolate or shield then we may initiate legal action in line with your tenancy agreement. This is our last resort and we would encourage you to speak to us should you have any concerns.