First Contact

What is it?

First Contact is a personal alarm service that you can use to live independently in your own home. The system operates 24 hours a day. With one touch, you’ll be put in contact with a trained operator who will be able to assist you. First Contact gives you and your family peace of mind. elderly man wearing pendant alarm sitting in a chair

Who is it for?

First Contact is available to any resident of Buckinghamshire who feels they need added support or security at home; e.g. people living alone, those with disability, long term illness, other medical conditions such as epilepsy, or other vulnerable people. If you require First Contact, or know someone who does, you can apply directly without a referral. There is no waiting list.

Can I get a demonstration?

Yes. A trained member of staff can visit you at your home to demonstrate the system free of charge with no obligation.

How is it installed?

We aim to install First Contact within five working days of your order. The alarm works with your existing telephone line. All that is required is a telephone socket and an adjacent electric socket to fit the base unit.

How do I use First Contact?

You will be provided with a button pendant, which can be worn discretely as a wrist strap or necklace. With one touch of the button, you will be instantly connected to a 24-hour contact centre. The microphone and speaker in the unit, allows you to speak to the operator without you having to be near it. They will contact a family member, neighbour, doctor or the emergency services on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

There is a one off installation fee and a small monthly charge. You may be exempt from VAT on these charges.

Want to find out more or book a demo?

Please get in touch with the Independent Living Team at Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust via phone: 01296 732889 or email The team is available Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 4.45pm.