Disability Equality Action Group

To demonstrate the Trust’s commitment to disabled residents and staff, we have a Disability Equality Scheme. This is a group of disabled residents and staff who meet to review current practices, give an informed view of the services they receive and to pass on information on the Aids and Adaptations service to other residents.

The purpose of the scheme is to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity between disabled persons and other persons
  • Eliminate discrimination that is unlawful
  • Eliminate harassment of disabled persons that is in relation to their impairment
  • To promote positive attitudes towards disabled persons
  • To encourage participation by disabled people in public life
  • Take steps to take account of disabled persons’ disabilities, even where that involves treating disabled persons more favourably than other persons.

Membership of this group is open to disabled residents across the Vale and disabled members of staff from the Trust.

Contact Details

For more information on the Disabilty Equality Action Group, please contact Bev Adamowicz on 01296 732600.