Effects on our services during COVID-19 outbreak

Up to date information on our services during COVID-19 outbreak.

Gas servicing during COVID-19 outbreak

Read information about our gas servicing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Your rent and finances during COVID-19 outbreak

We have provided information on your rent and finances for anyone concerned about their income as a result of restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. 

Local information and support during COVID-19 outbreak

For your convenience, we've put together a list of links to information on changes to your local public services. It includes links to local support. 

National guidance and support during COVID-19 outbreak

You can find links to national guidance and support here for a variety of issues you may experience during the pandemic. 

Resources for children during COVID-19 outbreak

If you are homeschooling children or looking for ideas to keep them entertained, there are lots of links to free resources for children here that you may find useful during the pandemic. 

Coronavirus Health and Safety Risk Assessment September 2020