ASB categories

Category 1 incidents

Category 1 incidents are cases where individuals are subject to serious risk. This may include:

  • Violence or serious threats of violence
  • Domestic violence and domestic abuse
  • Racial harassment and intimidation
  • Sexual abuse and safeguarding concerns
  • Animal-related problems defined under the dangerous dogs act
  • Drug/substance abuse
  • Other serious criminal activity

The trust has now implemented a target time of 24 hours for response. This allows the Neighbourhood Manager (ASB) to assess the case and take the initial steps to resolve the problem.

Category 2 incidents

Category 2 incidents are cases which involved problematic or troublesome behaviour such as:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Persistent noise nuisance
  • Hoax calls
  • Other criminal activity not deemed a category 1 incident

The trust has implemented a target time of 2-4 days for response

Category 3 incidents

Category 3 incidents are regarded as low-level quasi-criminal activity or anti-social behaviour. Whilst the trust is dedicated to tackling all forms of crime and ASB, category 3 incidents are generally regarded as being the least serious. Such cases may include:

  • Disputes between neighbours
  • Minor noise issues
  • Majority of environmental crime, including litter, waste and fly-tipping issues
  • Graffiti
  • Abandoned cars
  • Other animal related problems
  • Tenancy fraud (including subletting, abandoned properties and benefit fraud)

The target time to respond to these incidents is 5 working days.