Caretaking FAQs

How do I report fly tipping?

Fly tipping on our land should be reported to your your Neighbourhood Manager, they will then contact us in Estate Services where we will arrange for it to be collected.

Once reported to us we aim to collect within 10 working days. Our caretaking team carry out collections every Wednesday.

If the fly tipper can be identified we will seek to prosecute. Where this occures in flatted blocks, if no one comes forward we may consider recharging all residents within the block.

What happens if I find drug paraphernalia?

If it is reported to us that needles or other drug paraphernalia are found, where we have properties, we will collect as a matter of urgency, usually within 24 hours.

This is only undertaken by trained staff wearing appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Why do you maintain a Zero Tolerance approach to communal areas within flatted blocks?

We have adopted a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy in communal areas within our blocks, to keep residents safe.

Our caretakers will leave a notice, attached to the items, advising that they will be removed in seven days if they remain in the area. After the seven days, if they have not been collected, we will remove them.

Items left in communal areas that will be removed, include but are not limited to, pushchairs, bikes, door mats, plant pots etc.

Do you complete meter readings of my meter locked in a communal cupboard?

Caretakers can take meter readings for you and put the results through your door.

To keep you safe we are unable to provide you with a key.

Do you undertake health and safety inspections of communal areas within flatted blocks?

Caretakers carry out monthly health and safety inspections at all flatted blocks.

Do you provide caretaking services to Independent Living schemes?

Each Independent Living scheme has an allocated caretaker who visits the scheme monthly to undertake small jobs that have been added to a works list.

How do you deal with graffiti on Trust property?

The caretaking team will remove graffiti from Trust properties. Offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours of it being reported. If the caretaker cannot remove the graffiti we will employ a contractor to remove it.

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