Buckingham Road, Edgcott

A pair of semi detached houses We have continued to deliver new homes, despite the pandemic, one innovative build we’re extremely proud of is a pair of semi-detached cottages available for shared ownership, using the Beattie Passive House system.

Passive House is a voluntary, low-energy construction standard. Super-insulated walls prevent the exchange of heat, ensuring the property maintains an even temperature no matter what the conditions are outside. This means that running costs are low, with dramatically reduced fuel bills. Additional benefits include superior soundproofing, and resistance to fire and flood.

The Beattie Passive House system is constructed in a factory and then delivered to site. The cottages were built offsite by a social enterprise called Toolshed, which provides construction training for young people. Many of the individuals who built at Edgcott are graduates of the programme.

Edgcott is one of our affordable developments built to support rural communities. As our first Passive House development, with low carbon impact and the additional benefit of supporting a social enterprise, we’re looking for other opportunities to develop in this way.