Aids & Adaptations

If you are living in one of our homes and are elderly, have a long-term illness, are disabled or just have difficulty getting around your house, we may be able to help.

Aids and adaptations can be arranged for people who need their homes to be altered to help them live more independently. Mobility problems can often be overcome by carrying out alterations, and other changes can be made to improve accessibility, remove hazards or increase safety and security in your home.

Often, simple changes can make a big difference, for example minor works such as grab rails to help you out of the bath, flashing smoke detectors, stair rails, lever taps and ramps to your front door. It can also include more major changes to your home such as showers that are the same level as the floor to make them easier to get in and out of and the installation of a stair-lift.

We want to be sure that we can identify the adaptations best suited to help you. If you or someone you live with require an adaptation in your home, an occupational therapist will assess your needs. You will need to arrange this with Buckinghamshire County Council’s (BCC) Occupational Therapist from Adult Social Care or the Children with Disabilities Team, as appropriate, on 01296 383204.

When the Occupational Therapy Team lets us know what work we need to do, we will write to them with our response and send you a copy of our letter so you know what is happening.

The BCC Occupational Therapist will provide us with recommendations to alter your existing home, as necessary and appropriate for you. However, the Trust will carry out their own assessment to decide whether the recommendations are ‘reasonable and practical’ in relation to your housing needs, age and condition of the property. This assessment is usually prepared by the project surveyor on behalf of the Trust and jointly with the occupational therapist.

For further information please take a look at our Aids and Adaptations leaflet below:

Aids & Adaptations Leaflet  PDF (opens in new window) 1MB

You can also contact the Trust’s Aids and Adaptations project surveyor directly on 01296 732645.


Residents who are regsitered disabled or of state pension age can apply for assistance with internal decoration. Just fill in our One Room Per Year Application.docx 650KB and send it back to us addressed to the Asset Management team.