Corporate strategy

Richard Stanway-Williams, Trust Chair, Vision and Values launch 4 May 2012

Corporate strategy

Together our vision, values and strategic objectives make up The Corporate Strategy.  This is what will shape and guide our work for the foreseeable future.

Our vision

Our vision doesn’t describe what we do – it’s what we aspire to and aim to achieve through our work as a social landlord. Vale of Aylesbury Housing’s vision is:

Homes for living, communities for life

Our values

In order to uphold our vision, our values direct the way we expect people to approach everything we do at Vale of Aylesbury Housing.  This means that we will strive to be:

  • Customer-focussed
  • An expert in all we do
  • Open minded and innovative

Our strategic objectives

There are six strategic objectives, to each we have created a set of goals and measurable success factors. Our strategic objectives are:

  • Taking Pride in our services
  • Providing Quality Affordable Homes
  • Positively Engaging with our Residents
  • Investing in our Neighbourhoods and Communities
  • Being a Great Employer
  • Effectively Managing the Business


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